Let’s accelerate
your achievement
and elevate your
success … quicker,
easier and sooner!

Let’s accelerate your achievement and elevate your success …
quicker, easier and sooner!


What would happen to you in your life, if you could go from where you are right now, to where you really would love to be quicker, easier and sooner?

Most people don’t know how to crack the code of accelerated achievement. They have never cracked the code or found the missing link that removes the roadblocks to elevate their successes.

How many people do you know are slow to start, take the hard options and achieve their goals later or perhaps even never? It is not their fault! If you don’t know your personal success blueprint, understand your DNA around achievement or have the insights into what drives you and what desire fuels your momentum, it’s no wonder why you may miss your goals. You will become disheartened from lack of progress and give up way too early on your journey towards what’s most important to you!

If you could go from Point A to Point B quicker and easier to achieve your goals sooner, and in the process elevate your personal success, how would you feel? What if you could turn the impossible into the possible? How would that make you feel? How would you feel when you finally achieved that goal, you know the one, the one that has eluded you time and time again? Isn’t it time to stack the odds in your favour? Your GoalDriver Profile can do that for you!

Keith Abraham CSP
GoalDriver Formula Creator
Founder of Passionate Performance
Multi Award-Winning Keynote Speaker
5 x Best Selling Author



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Achievement Coaching


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Insights, ideas and inspiration you will
gain from your GoalDriver Profile:

As you read your GoalDriver Profile, you will gain a deeper awareness of what truly drives you forward, what deters you
from starting, what determines your success and what diminishes your confidence.


The right goals for you to channel your energy and effort into to pursue your passions, purpose and eliminate procrastination in your life.


The best plans for you to implement so that you can accelerate your success, amplify your accomplishment and align your strategies to move you closer to what you really want in your life.


The most effective way for you to step into your potential by turning your knowledge into profound wisdom to capitalise on your current opportunities.


The creation of a life that is filled with joy, abundance and greater sense of self-love, self-confidence, self-esteem and self-belief in yourself.


After you complete the online assessment, you will receive your GoalDriver Profile containing 28 pages of insights assisting you to accelerate your goal accomplishment by ensuring you are committed to the right goals, build a connection to your most important goals and become compelled to achieve them.


  • + Primary GoalDriver
  • + Secondary GoalDriver
  • + The type of person you are
  • + How others see you
  • + Your super power as a person
  • + How to like to think, feel and do things
  • + Your 4 greatest fears
  • + What you like most and like least in life
  • + How to react and respond when things are going well and going wrong
  • + Understand what happens when you are stressed and pressured
  • + How you like to achieve your goals
  • + The types of goals that motivate you
  • + Know the roadblocks that will stop you from achieving
  • + How you connect and communicate with people
  • + The best way to communicate with the 8 GoalDrivers
  • + How you like to work and what you want in a role or position
  • + How you best add value to others in your company or team
  • + The best way to develop yourself
  • + How you like to be coached and mentored by others
  • + What you need to start doing and stop doing in your life to progress
  • + How you like to develop, strengthen and maintain your GoalDriver
  • + What to focus on now and what to let go of now in your life
  • + How best to maintain your personal focus
  • + Determine the best mindset for you to focus on moving forward
  • + How to regain and retain your personal momentum
  • + The best daily success habits for you
  • + Your 90 day momentum plan for accomplishment
  • + The list of support resources and development tools for you

About the Creator of the GoalDriver Formula.

Keith Abraham is the best selling author of five books—published in 12 languages— around the topic of high performance, passion, goals, direction and mindset. As a multi-award winning professional speaker, workshop leader and program facilitator, he has spoken to more than 1.6 million people in 39 countries. For 36 years he has been a student of goal setting, a test case for his principles and a living example of the power of knowing what really drives you to achieve your most important goals and how best to navigate the uncomfortable, the uncertain to reach the unimageable in your life.

In these changing and challenging times, his work has need been more vital with him presenting from his purpose-built virtual studio to more than 42,000 people in 31 countries. He must be doing something right as more that 93% of his clients have used him more than once, 57% have asked him back more than six times and 34% of his clients have used him every year for more than ten years. He is often described as a though provoking speaker, one of the worlds leading global authorities on goal achievement and the creator of the GoalDriver Formula.